about my auto obsession

My obsession. My vision. This site will primarily showcase Japanese “tuner” cars & and some US Domestic sport compacts. Although I hate using the word tuner when associating the market/segment as it draws images in my head of misinformed rice-boys with faux carbon GT wings on their mom’s 93 Accord. Also featured would be other varieties of Japanese metal, along with a few drips of Japanese & US Domestic sports cars. I consider the Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline GT-R, and Chevrolet Corvette, sports cars, even if they technically are GT’s. The first-gen NSX is basically an exotic, with sports car pricing. If what you’re looking for is over the top, Formula One Racing Team financed builds, then you’ll be disappointed to discover that there might not be much over here. Sure, we can obsess about the unaffordable “dream” cars that I, or some women will drop their panties to in a heartbeat. But why the hell waste our time on that?? That’s what 13 year old boys with crunchy socks do. But fine, we’ll toss in SOME exotics. I guess we all need motivation occasionally.

But here’s generally what I’m thinking of as far as content. (Guidelines)

-I’m obsessing over cars that the regular college dropout can save up for, and eventually modify with very good results.

-I’m talking to owners who’ve lost 20lbs because their engine or turbo system build negated them to the “ramen & water” diet.

-I’m talking to the office space/cubicle working fella who dropped his credit card at the local tuning shop and said, “Fuck it, let’s do it!” Either way you look at it, he’s still going to be paying for it. But of course at what cost?

-I’m talking about built, good looking, well rounded street cars that have been created with the intentions of prowling the streets with moderate ease, and decently blaze any track with a purpose.

-I’m thinking Japanese and American tuners/shops should also be on here. Besides, the majority of them are just like us. Poor. The only difference is that they get to enjoy their job.

-Additional content will come in the form of vehicles that I believe has/had an impact in the community, and how effective it is/was to modifications. I’m going to be contacting various forums/owners to get details regarding each make so I can post the topic at hand with confidence and accuracy. If I make a mistake, just let me know.

-Like any group of people in a community, habits will develop that make it intriguing to the outside world.  I would like to showcase the lifestyle of these so-called enthusiasts. Consider it a culture study. From music, clothing, skateboarding, bikes, guns, comic books, bondage, electronics and maybe even show the occasional club scene with alcohol to boot. This is a peek into our world.

Now comes my biggest fear. Because of these guidelines that I’ve setup for this site, I worry that I might not have enough content to share. Being in Chicago during the dead of winter isn’t exactly the best time for setting up photo sessions. Neither is it a good time to take out your high horsepower RX-7, and attempt to drive it down the street on 8 inches of snow. For now, I will definitely be limited to showing off local cars unless I’m able to travel elsewhere. I just wonder, that if I have enough hits, would I be able to get corporate sponsorship to grow?? Only time will tell, only time will tell.

Your feedback, comments, and constructive criticism are definitely appreciated. For now, please enjoy My Auto Obsession.

Godspeed,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Cid