intro to the blog

Hello and welcome!!

Regardless of what the site name is, this isn’t just my own auto obsession that I’ll be talking about. We’ll also be discussing YOUR fanatic obsession with the age-less art of modifying and tuning the automobile. I know there are quite a few hundred blogs out there that you can choose to follow, and I’m happy your ass is here. I understand each person has their own preference and taste, but why should we let that stop us from learning about different cultures (car), having fun and all the while taking in some good old fashioned reading. You can use the Categories & Topics widget below the search button to navigate through various posts. After reading and somehow you still don’t seem to catch my drift, but have the urge to bitch and moan about my content, then you can get the hell outta here! It’s my blog! Go get your own! That way I can whine and comment on your posts too! Lol.

On a little more serious note, I want to throw in the DISCLAIMER to cover my ass. Unless specified that a photo on a post is of my own creation, all photos, videos, and hoo-has are the sole property of each individual and respective owner. I try to give credit where it is due, but as is usually common in the “blog-sphere,” photos do not have copyright information which makes it difficult for me to do so. Please contact me if you have any further questions, and we’ll work things out. M’kay?

I hope that you do enjoy, and understand the perspective that I’ll be shooting from. My language may sometimes be coarse (What grease monkey do you know is well spoken??), my temper short and aggressive (years of broken bolts), my humor is somewhat funny, and my intentions are genuine.

Enjoy, and godspeed.

Mr. Cid