project, anyone???

Remember these??? Yeah you don’t.

So I’m over here in my office, daydreaming of shit to build when this came to mind. The K-1 Attack kit car. Lots of domestic guys are always talking about the GTM and how a turbo’d LS6 will be the bees knees for their fantasy kit car. Well, this one right here is for us rice burners. Oh I said it, lol.

Based on parts and crap from the CB Accord (90-93), this company out in Europe uses a steel tube frame and adds a bunch of other shit on it, including the normally weak ass F22A version 1, I think.

But at 1900lbs, that anemic 4 cylinder becomes a decent runner.

But since we can never leave anything alone, imagine tossing in a built, and turbocharged H22. This thing will absolutely be a monster. Oh hell, a K24 with a Z1 head will be just fine.

I got to say, it looks sweet. Of course it’s still a kit car, and for the price tag of $I,dont,wanna,know, you can build a car that’s got more aftermarket support, less headaches, but has already been built in so many ways. Hmmmm.



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