the greatest mr2 ever…

In my opinion of course. The Sard MC8-R.

Sure it’s not even close to a production SW20 since it was lengthened and modified to fit a twin turbo’d 1UZ from yo Momma’s ’94 LS400, but who the hell cares.

And sure they sucked major balls at Le Mans, but come on. It’s still “based” on a MR2 when the rest of the GT1 class was littered with Porsches, Ferraris, McLarens, BMWs, Jagoffs, Vettes, and so forth. You can’t jump in the ring with Ali, just because you think you can box.

They were eventually replaced with the far more superior Toyota GT-One. Although one cannot deny that this was a great experiment in race car development, an honorable one in fact, I have to say that this is the greatest MR2 ever built. Naturally, there is one douche right now who has THE only road going MC8-R in his garage or museum. Or it’s sitting, all rotted out in a field of rice paddies in some desolate prefecture in Japan. That, we shall never find out.

Guess now we know where these guys got the idea from.



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