hyper to the max…

This car I never got to see run in person. Wish I could have.

The world renowned HKS CT230R.

It was pretty much the epitome of what a purpose built Time Attack car was.

Not just some street car that a random tuner put together and sent to Tsukuba to beat records.

This car was surrounded by controversy because of it’s one-off body.But you can’t argue with results as it held a few track records that stood for a few years! Other tuning firms would eventually duplicate the concept.

Aaaaaand more spacer action!! This time, at the front!! Those are at least 25mm. I swear I’m gonna buy me some 5×100 to 5×114.3 conversion spacers, get me some legit wheels, and go racing. lol. If this car and the Cyber Evo have them, why the hell not right?? Screw all the know-it-alls and keyboard warriors. You can kiss my silly, sexy, brown ass. Word.




One Comment Add yours

  1. Bill says:

    spacers on a race oriented car? thats legit! now i dont feel very guilty for running em.
    stupid people saying they will fail

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