i can’t figure out…


If I think this car is mad tyte or just aight.

I mean, the thing is smooth. Clean. I love the worked fenders, especially the rear. Lookin’ like an overweight latina with love handles all hanging out. Sexy. But I think there’s just too much blending and smoothing for my function > form mentality. Hit a few bumps and whatnot on the road, that bondo will start to crack. There goes your smoovness. But like I said, it all comes together well. Only one question. How the fuck do you think the medics are gonna get you out when you roll the damned thing over, and the door handles are nowhere in sight??? Don’t say ejection seat, because the roof is on the ground at this point. Lol.

I guess after looking at it, this car might not even see the track, or much high speed intercourses (giggity). It’s the perfect car to hardpark with. So I say it’s mad tyte, yo.



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  1. Zach Kidd says:


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