the celica we never had…

The ST205 GT-Four is definitely the holy grail for us Celica owners. With the venerable turbocharged 3SGTE, bulletproof drivetrain, proven all-wheel drive, and solid chassis, this car is the bee’s knees. Although it is usually overshadowed by other cars of its class. I have no idea why.

The fact that it was never sold in North America leaves all of us questioning what Toyota was thinking. Profits I guess, but Mitsubishi and Subaru did fairly well once they started sending their rally-based street cars here.

I remember reading and watching old Option mags and videos with these things on there. It was a defining point for my obsession.

Sure it didn’t make too much of a splash in circuit competition, but that’s because there were so many great teams around with great platforms.

Of course getting banned from WRC for “re-engineering” turbo restrictors kinda embarrassed Toyota, especially when this was where the GT-Four was most competitive at.

There’s no denying that the car has the potential to be a sweet street car…

Or a pretty bad-ass race car.

But there is something really special about the car.

It’s just sad for us Americans when them people North of us can actually sample how it feels like to own one of these. Hell, even the French, Germans, and Italians can testify to that.

We’ll get there in a few years or so. Legally or not.

But for now, all we can do is fap, hope, and wish.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. driftmaikeru says:

    Or make our own. 😉

    1. mrcid says:

      I know somebody with an AT200 chasis!

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