not feeling too good…


It’s just one of those days. F’in headache and all. But even feeling like this, I have to ask a question. How much would you pay for racing seats? $600? $800 a piece?? I ask because I’ve been looking around, and there are great options out there for the builder on a budget. Of course it’s tempting to just go for those fake ass Canadian Brides, but you can actually find decent Sparco offerings for good prices. So no need to fake the funk. But how much is too much?? For me, a grand per seat is pushing it way above budget.

So as I stumble onto a for sale thread on a local Chicago forum, I realize there are huge idiots out there. This person was trying to sell a pair of Status seats for $4,000!! Sure it was dipped in carbon & alcantara, but really?? Four. Thousand. Dollars. What’s worse is that this car isn’t even a track car. Just some “dope status, hard parking poser.” Tsk, tsk. Silly fan boi. Hope you find a bigger idiot to buy it. My head hurts much worse just from seeing that much bulls#it.



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  1. driftmaikeru says:

    Hey those were Kristins seats. And they are dope. Most comfy seats I’ve ever sat in. lol. I like the Recaro Pole position. Usually around $800. I think they are Miles favorite as well. I’m pretty sure he has one in his M3.


    1. mrcid says:

      Hey Mike, I didn’t realize you were Mike-a-roo! Hope it’s obvious I’m not attacking her personally. But the numbers were just too much for a poor brown man to take. lol. While I can appreciate good taste, as those seats are fantastic, I however can’t stand watching precious dinero go to waste while sitting in a car that will see minimal use of its intended purpose. I personally love the Pole Positions, but will be happy with Sparco Evos as well.

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