the perfect trueno…

If you haven’t noticed, I’m all about clean. Nothing too fancy, nothing too rugged. Just plain old clean. Some people may find it boring, others a little too overwhelming. I find it…perfect.

Then again, perfection is really a matter of taste and expectations. People in different walks of life have a standard that they live up to. Whether the bar be set astronomically high, or bottom of the barrel low. Of course, my take on what is viewed as a “10” may be a little skewed. Most likely because of this theory…no, more like my obsession that balance is perfection.

Subconsciously, I may be a function over form guy as I hate those parking lot show-offs in skinny jeans. But somewhere deep inside, there’s also that fella that wants to look decent (btw, skinny jeans don’t look good). In my opinion, a lot of people screw up there builds because they go nuts on either end of the Function-Form spectrum. One ends up with a street car that looks like a track rat, the other has a daily driver that requires the upkeep of a show queen. So without looking like a jag-off and stripping the whole car, a middle ground has to be set. Yep, that’s it. Balance. Nothing too boring, nothing too fancy. Just plain old clean.

Ok, so I didn’t really get to talk about this awesome turbo Corolla. Either way, I got to send a message.



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