weekly sonic meet 10/4…


So every Tuesday, a group of peoples who affectionately call themselves the HPA (Hard Parkers Anonymous, lol) does a thing over at the Sonic in Algonquin by Randall Rd. I’ve been to several of these mini-meets and have met many a cool carfolks. Here’s a quick few shots of last weeks thingamashiz.

It wasn’t as busy as it usually is, but the atmosphere was chill. Crazy white people even brought a couch into the middle of the parking lot. Awesome. Lol.

Unedited photos:

This is the proper way to jack up a go-cart.

This here is Mike’s NA. Nice stance and height.

Alex’s clean EK.

And a shot with one of the interwebs’ most famous NA Miatas.

Miles had an interesting story for me. Apparently he drove his car all the way down to Maryland for a show, the way it sits on the picture. Actually, I think he may have said it was a little lower. What?? That’s ridiculous!! That’s what I said. The damned thing was sooo low that at some point during the trip, he hit a “small” rock, flew up in the air, and as he landed, popped both airbags, cracked the windshield and almost gave himself a heart-attack! Btw, he carries those wooden planks and 2×4’s that you see up top in the car, just in case he needs to go up a slight ramp. Now that’s living low as a lifestyle. Damn!



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