something that posers & ricers shouldn’t see…

As you know, I’m a huge Unlimited Works/Cyber Evo fan. So when I was staring at this picture, I was surprised when I saw something that didn’t look right. Spot what most so-called experts always bitch about when it comes to shit that doesn’t belong on a “race car.”

Hint: If you can’t figure it out, look at the hub.

Yes, wheel spacers!! Looks to be about 25-30mm. That’s kinda thick for a car that goes pretty fast round a circuit. This car just continues to surprise me. You guys remember the thin, bolt on roll bar this car had?? By cutting all these corners, how much of Tarzan’s safety are they really sacrificing for speed?? It definitely takes massive cojones to pilot this monster. Either way, this car proves that you don’t need all that bullshit to be the best.

Oh crap, I have spacers in the rear of the Alltrac. That means I’m a poser!! Bah, it’s slow. I don’t care, fuck off. Lol.



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