oh thank goodness…

So I was browsing around and stumbled upon this build. I’m fairly certain it’s at least a year old…

Nothing wrong with the picture, right? Just a nice track oriented S14 with what appears to be 18×9.5″ RPF1’s, and a roll cage.

Off all places, Ohio. Is that Lexan on the quarter windows?? It’s starting to seem a little serious.

With 523 horses to the wheels, that SR in there is no doubt pretty serious.

Oh wait, what the hell is that??

That’s right, it doesn’t even have pistons. I’m just happy that it’s not the oh-so-common LSX swap that the hipsters and lazy asses have been doing. I’m sure there were general concerns about this delicate motor sitting in there, as what most ordinary people would negatively think about rotaries. But I digress, as there have been plenty of well built wankels proving countless of times that they can produce plenty of power reliably. Either way, I’m glad the owner had the balls to do this. Very nice…



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  1. Rotors says:

    some interesting updates on this car here, looks like a tube chassis build starting on the last page.


    1. mrcid says:

      Oh dear. That car is getting really serious man. I will definitely follow this monster in progress. Thanks for the update, good looking out.

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