serenity now…

This weekend was good. I got a day to go out and get a few shots done while getting some thinking time. It was high-70’s to mid-80’s. No humidity. No wind. No damned mosquitoes. Perfect. So it & myself found a spot to relax, meditate, and just let it all hang out.

No pesky rice boys to deal with. No po-lice to harass it. Just the bright sun, the blue sky, the serene lake, and a cool breeze to keep it at ease. Don’t mind the exhaust. It’s still sporting the “quiet” sport muffler. I’ve got the APEXi N1 muffler on deck once I decide to do the next stage.

With a clear head, a few plans, and some restored motivation, it felt good to be able to just take in the view. It was a good day indeed.



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