for the love of god-zilla…

I’m trying to remember where the heck I’ve seen this car before. I know it’s a fairly old pic, but who cares. Just look at it! Look at it!! I would love to hate the owner of this thing. Hate, hate, hate!

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with the R35. There is just something wrong with the fact that it weighs almost 4,000 pounds, yet it is faster than most “Supercars” in the market today. Cheaper too. Don’t take it out of context now. I said Supercars, not Exotics. Although it will give a couple a run for it’s Lire/Euro. This is also a car that has so much technological advancement built into it that it’s lost its connection to the human soul. That feeling of trying to harness and control all that raw power is a thing of the past. But yet it shifts faster, predicts, and handles itself better. Did I mention that it’s one of the fastest production cars to ever lap the ‘Ring?? I guess we really have reached the age when computers are actually replacing human drivers’ inputs. Who needs a soul right? The funny part is, no one’s complaining as long as it’s hitting the numbers. Hmmmmm. I’d still buy one if I could.



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