lemon jun…

I had a flashback about this car, and I honestly missed it. I pulled this info from a site I failed to remember.

JUN Super Lemon RII-HJA Demo Car

  • One of the most if not THE most famous Skyline in the world !
  • Featured on Top Gear driven by Jeremy Clarkson (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uGl7hcfXgw&feature=related)
  • Will come with an Overhauled Engine done by RK tuning (http://www.rktuning.com/)
  • Previously made 1003 bhp on old engine setup (now running turbos 3 sizes bigger!)
  • This car is now a member of the Elite RH9 club (9 sec car)
  • DRY SUMP!! (Only a handfull of skylines run this system in the world)
  • NEW N1 block
  • 2.7l JUN Prototype Engine (not sold to the general public)
  • JUN Auto Billet Prototype Crank
  • Connecting rod: JUN Auto I section
  • Piston: Forged pistons custom made with thicker crowns
  • Camshaft: Tomei (IN290°/EX290° with 11.50mm lift)
  • Newly overhauled Garret 3542 twin turbos! (same spec as the european 4wd drag champion the GaiJin!)
  • Fuel system is built to cope with 2,000 bhp
  • Cusco Carbon Diffs front and rear
  • OS Giken 6 speed Sequential gearbox with brand new Exedy triple plate clutch
I wonder where she is now…

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