Man, I’ve been busy as hell. From selling our little family car, to trying and pick up a decent replacement takes a lot of time. Thank god it’s all over. Anyway, I’m finally done parts hording for phase 1 & 2 for Project Alltrac. I’ll start putting up articles for the mini build on here soon.

I’ll tell ya one thing though, I’m very excited about this upcoming race season. I’ve got plans to do a Solo, Open track, and hopefully Time Trial. Maybe even toss in a Drag race or two. But with gas expected to hit $5 bucks per gallon, that might hold me back some. Okay, a lot. And that sucks ass. Turbo, all-wheel drive cars aren’t exactly “fuel efficient.” I can just imagine small, private race teams that have to pay all those expenses up front. From driving to events, running the race car, and coming home, that right there would be a small fortune to somebody without corporate backing.

So what to do?? Well we do it anyway!! Life is too short to worry about inflation and skyrocketing fuel prices. We might not be able to do as much track beating as we hoped for, but we’re gonna have fun and enjoy the time we get to do so. Whether it be with friends, a group of obsessed nut cases, or by yourself, a good time is guaranteed to be had by all.

So start working on those cars and make sure they pass tech. You’ve only got a few weeks left till the Midwest goes into full swing!! Happy wrenching…



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