here we go, ft-86 time…

After several months of rumors and contradicting information as to the fate of the Toyota FT86, another concept was finally unveiled at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show. Now keep in mind that Toyota, being a large cash machine that they are has had no interest in building anything remotely resembling a fun, inexpensive sports car. It’s been this way for at least 5 years or so. To have them even consider building this car should be viewed as a good sign. Granted this could be another one of their dirty ploys to keep brand interest piqued, so whatever happens is what it is. Although I’m sure if this ever makes it into production, it would be slightly less furious…I hope. Don’t get me wrong, the basic design looks great. But this current concept is the chiz…if I were 12 and was constantly in my room with a roll of paper towel. Giggity.

Now to the onslaught of bitching, whining, and complaining from every a-hole that isn’t buying or even close to considering the car.

With lots of overhang upfront and some blended canards, it gives it a fairly wide frontal area that to me, throws off a little balance to the look of the car. But those gay-ass Audi type LED front lights need to go away.

It does have a certain appeal to it tho.

It looks pretty good from these angles up top. I feel that this car might grow on me.

My overall opinion on the FT-86 is kind of on the fence. But like I mentioned earlier, the production version will be toned down. So we shouldn’t see any of these “concept” type of knick-knacks. While looking at the FT, I do see some cues from the Nissan 370Z, Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and surprisingly the Toyota Celica. I really am pondering why Toyota would “base” this new sports car on the Corolla, which was in essence a passenger car that totally had no racing pedigree during it’s production in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. It wasn’t until the 90’s when a Corolla actually joined the WRC as a replacement for the GT-Four. And that wasn’t even a full blown production car. Grassroots participation do count, but even the Suzuki Swift was popular among the low budget racers. It still doesn’t warrant actually naming a completely new chassis to revere the namesake. You don’t see any new Swift Concepts around do you?

I love the Hachiroku, the Mango, the AE101 and 111’s. But it seems like Toyota is trying to gain approval from it’s hard core owners and enthusiasts, and at the same time gain new followers by presenting this car as a successor to the ever so famous AE86. Just think of the future fanboys that will be taking the plunge. In my opinion, the Celica makes more sense as a replacement name since it does have more racing history. Let’s not forget that it was once a light, rear wheel drive sports car. Once. But after several generations of being lame, under powered, secretary driven, front wheel drives (except the ST165, ST185 & ST205 GT-Fours), who can blame them for not using the Celica nameplate. Then again, who would buy a $20,000+ sports car that is supposedly based off the Corolla. This is going to take a lot of marketing and convincing to the “Scion” kids to have them upgrade to this car. I guess only time will tell. So until this car is in production, I call bull.

Sorry for the rant.



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