never, ever try to work on the car in the winter…

So I decided to work on the car. Just stuff I’ve been meaning to knock off my list. I need to raise the coilovers since I’m scraping the fenders. Those fenders really need to get rolled soon. Most likely going to do it when the car goes in for paint. I also needed to bleed the Wilwood big brakes so that I could break them in. Btw, my garage was full so I was going to brave the 30 degree weather. I’m such an idiot.

So I pull out the car, and set up my tools. Everything’s going well with the coilovers. I figured I’d raise the car 3/4 of an inch from it’s current state to something more driveable. Still looks good even tho it’s a little higher. But I think I still hear a little scraping, so I might raise it a little more. I’ll take some pics of it tomorrow. Then off to the brakes. I start bleeding the nipples (giggity) on the calipers, fill it up with some more RBF, and voila. I couldn’t wait to beat the crap out of these race pads. When it came to start up the car, I check the pedal, and the damned thing couldn’t hold pressure. Dammit. No bite whatsoever. Now comes the long arduous task of trying to figure out what the hell is wrong. Fantastic. I’ll see you faulkers later.



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