it’s “what if” wednesday!! pt. – 2/23/11 “What if money was no object, what Skyline GT-R would I build? The R32, 33, 34, or R35??”

Hello, and welcome to my new weekly editorial called “what if…??” This section of my blog is meant to be fun and entertaining, so don’t take it too seriously. My goal is to convey what I might do or decide in situations that I will face in regards to my “auto obsession.” I also wanted to give a little light-hearted, enjoyable reading to some of you tight-asses out there. Now don’t forget that most of the rambling…okay all of the rambling is based on my opinions and thoughts. So for faulks sake, don’t get your thongs in a bunch. If you feel that you have some suggestions that could improve or add some fun and pizazz to this section, please feel free to message me. I’ll definitely take it into consideration…

“What if money was no object, what Skyline GT-R would I build? The R32, 33, 34, or R35??”

After yesterday’s post, I realized that I’m still obsessed with the Nissan Skyline. I mean, who wouldn’t be?? With a proven history of wins in various motorsports, it spans several generations of groundbreaking technology. From it’s venerable motor, advanced ATTESSA 4WD unit, and it’s Super-HICAS steering, it’s no wonder people like me love it. It’s looks aren’t exactly something to write off either. As I remain nuts over this car, unfortunately so do the rice-boys, posers, and trolls. But not because of the information I mention above. Oh no. It’s because of it’s rarity in certain parts of the world, and it’s complete absence in North America that has placed the GTR on an unattainable virtual pedestal. Of course combined with the blatant misuse of the car in some unmentionable series of films, you’ll be hard pressed to find people who don’t know what the Skyline is. The world wide web is littered with thousands of young, old, and immature morons that further solidify it’s legendary status. You’ll see youtube videos with retarded comments like “RB26 for the mofokin’ win” or “Skylinez r da bombz yo!” Ahh, to have all the time in the world to hunt down each one of these morons by their IP address, and have “The Most Interesting Man in the World” kick them in their man-ginas. That would be excellent.

Ok, so on to the topic. What Skyline GT-R will I build?? Now don’t forget, money is no object here. But to keep things from going nuts, we’ll need some parameters. I know LAME, but it is necessary. Here they are.

  1. Unlimited funds.
  2. Must be a R32, 33, 34, & 35.
  3. Must be emissions and street legal.
  4. Parts must be off the shelf. No custom pieces.

And that’s it. Keep in mind that each generation of enthusiasts will have a preferred chassis, so keep your shit in your a-hole. Comments and discussions are naturally welcomed. Now, on to your poison of choice.

Nissan Skyline R32 (89-94)

Who doesn’t have good things to say about the original Godzilla. Winning all of it’s races that it entered, this was the first appearance of the RB26DETT, ATTESSA 4WD system, and Super-HICAS four wheel steering. This car pretty much forced Japan’s top motorsport agencies to change their rules and regulations. Imagine what kind of footprint this legend would leave for it’s upcoming, newer siblings. Lightweight, great power, superb handling, fabulous late 80’s style, the R32 has limitless potential!!

Nissan Skyline R33 (95-98)

The R33, one of my favorite GT-R’s. Although much fatter (3,400lbs), it definitely makes it harder to stand up to it’s older sibling, the R32 (3,140lbs). Even tho this generation utilizes slightly upgraded, but still somewhat identical equipment as big bro, it managed to win almost all of the races it entered during its tenure as Nissan’s flagship competition sports car. That’s with the additional fat! I almost forgot, a certain yellow “Big Bird” was also featured in one of the unmentionable movies. I still like the car.

Nissan Skyline R34 (99-02)

Now this is getting serious. The R34. Probably the most popular GT-R of the family. This one has been all over the internet, movies, video games, and back. Unfortunately, it was used as the hero car in yet another one of those ridiculous movies. But the legend precedes itself. Weighing slightly less than the R33, and sporting a vast array of upgrades (including ball bearing cores for the turbos), this was undeniably the best GT-R that Nissan had produced as of yet…

Nissan GT-R R35 (07-present)

…Until the return of Godzirra!! Returning after 5 years of laying dormant, the R35 has advanced in every way. Some people worried that a new motor, 4WD unit, and transmission would screw up the ever so reliable recipe for success. Boy were they wrong. Even it’s 3,800lb curb weight is miniaturized by it’s impressive performance. I mean, busting a little faster than 7:30.0 in the ‘Ring isn’t anything to sneeze at. Despite what Porsche claims, the GT-R was still faster than the GT3 in several “independent” tests. That’s with the Nissan costing several thousand dollars less. Nuff said.

So there you have it. Which GT-R will you build upon? You tell me what you think, and I’ll tell you what I think. I’ll post my response to this topic on Thursday 2/24.

Fyi, these pics were pulled from Wiki so as to stay somewhat uniform. You’ll see more on the next post.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. fif' says:

    ’72 skyline. ok i know its not part of your choices again.. lol. the r34 V-spec II will do. lol

    1. mrcid says:

      Dammit Fif!! Although a Hakosuka or a Kenmeri might be fantastic because of it’s retro novelty, I would build my ultimate GT-R on newer platforms. Now tell me what you’d do with the 34??

      1. mrcid says:

        Btw, I loaded the wrong draft earlier. I’ve got the actual article up now.

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