shoot me now…

So I stumble across this video from a link that said “Girls are into cars too!” Naturally I click on it right with a quickness. I mean, what could go wrong, really.


I’m totally down for girls into modifying/personalizing their cars, but that was  just ridiculous. I almost, almost busted out my knife and attempted to gouge my eyes out. If it weren’t for the entertainment and chicks on here, I’d be a blind man by now. Btw, I know some of you have the yellow fever/asian school girl/I love all things Japanese thing going on, so don’t come bashing at me for making fun of the video. lol.



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  1. James says:

    well, it’s a start!! there aren’t to many Sukis out there driving pink S2000s…

    1. mrcid says:

      Lol, oh god man. So before every race, they have to huddle up, put their hands together, and chant in some Japanese phrase. Even when the rest of the girls weren’t close to being Asian! Brilliant!!

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