it’s “what if” wednesday!! pt.2 – 2/9/11 “What if I just came out of college, and have some dough/dinero/moolah to splurge, what would I buy??”

Hello, and welcome to my new weekly editorial called “what if…??” This is my second entry to this hopefully fun and entertaining section of my blog. My goal is to convey what I might do or decide on situations that I will face in regards to my “auto obsession.” I also wanted to give a little light-hearted, enjoyable reading to some of you tight-asses out there. Now don’t forget that most of the rambling…okay all of the rambling is based on my opinions and thoughts. So for faulks sake, don’t get your thongs in a bunch. If you feel that you have some suggestions that could improve or add some fun and pizazz to this section, please feel free to let me know. I’ll take it into consideration…

“What if I just came out of college, and have some dough/dinero/moolah to splurge, what would I buy??”

Now don’t say lap dances, because that’ll mean you’re in the wrong blog, again. Don’t say beer or weed, because this isn’t AA Thursdays. But yes, after graduation a trip to the nudie bar is definitely in order (I heart Al Bundy). Lol.

Fool, I’m obviously talking about the never-ending obsession with the automobile. I for one am an uneducated moron who refused to sacrifice a little spare time and just finish his education. But nooo. I’ll rant some more about this later. This is an auto blog dammit, let’s stay on topic. Now I’m sure quite a few people would be able to relate to this “what if” scenario. Hell, you’re out of school. You got the job that you wanted. Getting paid some decent chizz. Your rent is cheap. Fannie Mae isn’t hounding you for your loans. You get a new wardrobe. Buy a couple of new thangs for yourself. You’re feeling good. Man, you’re on top of the friggin’ world!! So you turn around and do a double take on your pristine, maroon colored 97 Toyota Corolla CE. “Oh man, what the hell is that??Now there’s nothing wrong with that little car at all, but a man in your position cannot be seen rolling around in that Indian/Filipino/Chinese/Asian mom-mobile!

So you start looking online for some cars that might suit your new-found lifestyle, and you’re hella confused. What the heck do you buy?? Which brings us to our current dilemma. Obviously were gonna need some parameters so we can stay realistic. In order to do that, we’re gonna have to think like a fresh-out-of-college kid (I only have a slight idea of how they think, so I’ll just make it up), and here we go.

The obvious requirements:

  1. Used, no more than 20G’s.
  2. Has to be somewhat newer but depending on the rarity of the car.
  3. Can be a 4 or 6 cylinder as long as it gets “decent” gas mileage.
  4. Must be somewhat reliable.
  5. Can be a 2 or beefed up 4 door.
  6. Only RWD or AWD. No FWD.
  7. Good aftermarket support.

Not exactly requirements, but obviously needed:

  1. Shit’s got to have massive sex appeal. (bahahahaha)
  2. Chicks need to drop their panties when I drive by. (even more bahahahaha)
  3. Them valet folks need to leave my ride in front of the club. (oh lord)
  4. It’s got to have 500 horsepower. (riiight)
  5. Must run the quarter-mile in 10 seconds or less. (for those 10 seconds or less, i’m free)

So here are the contestants!!

Acura NSX

This car is what every teenage Asian boy dreamt of. Naturally you’d have to go for an older model (like a ’91) to be able to stay within budget, as newer ones still tend to be quite expensive. But man, this thing just oozes high-end 90’s technology. The aluminum monocoque provides for a strong and light chassis, while the 3.0L VTEC motor produces plenty of power to move this japanese exotic. Of course you’d definitely need to do some maintenance and upgrades in order to keep her running strong and competitive. Good thing there is a decent population of support for this car, albeit very expensive. Only thing is that this lady wouldn’t be a practical daily driver, at all. It’s so damned low and sexy, I’d be worried about her. And if you do find “the” one, damned if panties wouldn’t rain from the heavens. lol.

Honda S2000

Exhilarating is one word to describe this roadster. With a ridiculously atmospheric redline, progressive handling, and good looks, the S2000 is more car than what Honda was asking for it. Now, an AP1 or 2 can be had for the budget. Depending on the level of condition and mileage of course. With plenty of options for modification, this car is only limited by the driver. The only drawback would be the 2 seater situation. Of course, that can be cured with a blast down your favorite mouintain pass or highway on-ramp. Bone stock, it’s a capable car. Tuned and modded, it’s exceptional.

Mazda RX-7

Ah, the FD RX7. This would be the metamorphic comparison to a beautiful, katana-wielding, immortal woman. People are drawn to her timeless beauty. But if you get too close and you’re not careful, she’ll definitely cut you when she has the chance. And that’s the way this car should be treated. Because of our misunderstanding of the rotary motor, and the care and maintenance that is required to keep it healthy, there are plenty of these beauties on the market for a disturbingly low entry cost. But caution should be used when searching. Once you do find a worthy one, there are plenty of precautionary measures that can be taken in order to ensure that you will enjoy her for time to come. From a street port, seal replacement, additional coolers, etc., some people may think it isn’t worth the trouble to do so much work to an aged beauty. Fret not college boy. Once you’ve done your maintenance and some choice modifications, this beautiful, fast, lightweight, excellent handling GT will reward you with one of the best rides of your life.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

You’ll excuse me if I don’t seem too excited to introduce this car. I mean, what can this car not do?!?! Besides sharing it’s name with it’s lesser sibling, the Lancer, and being a sedan, that’s about the only thing that the Lancer Evolution does bad. Sexy is subjective. Some 03-04’s are coming down on price, and are up for the picking. With a stout all-wheel drive unit, and the 4G63 motor that has seen the ends of the universe, this car has the potential to do anything it’s built to do. Want a reliable 350 to the wheels on a stock block?? No problem! You want 1,000 horses for your drag obsession?? Sure thing!! Of course being a sedan means you’re sometimes stuck driving your drunk-ass college buddies around, and the keg in the trunk. Small sacrifices I say. When it comes down to it, the back seat is there in case you need it (hehehe).

Nissan 350Z

One word to describe a decent amount of Z33 drivers, posers. It’s this damned car that has every douche thinking they look sooo cool. Don’t get me started on the G35, because that’s even worse. At least the Z has 2 less seats that make it a little less “convenient” to own. You can’t have everything pal. A gorgeous exterior, great motor, good handling, reasonable pricing, and tons of aftermarket support?? Who the hell do you think you are?? The nerve of some people. lol.

Nissan 240sx

This is only on here because I’ve seen some owners trying to sell their 95-97’s for $18k. That’s 18 grand!! Of course with all the work they’ve done, including the SR20 or RB25 swap, drivetrain/suspension upgrades, cosmetic reconstruction, tuck/stretch/poke wheels & tires, and all the other associated modifications that are involved with pseudo drift cars. It’s a shit-ton of work. Does it make it worth that much?? Like anything in auto culture, it’s subjective. But in all honesty, it’s a good looking car. Solid motor. Excellent handling. More aftermarket support than you can think of. It’s a solid contender for a slightly lower budget build, but nonetheless a contender.

Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Oh hell. Not another one of these all-wheel drive sedans. Of course, the STi is just as capable as any run-of-the-mill Evo. But with a 2.5L motor, some say it has a slight advantage when it comes to building power from a stock block. The EJ25 emits it’s own distinctive growl, but it’s looks are most intriguing. Whenever a new generation STi is released, people are yacking all over the place with disgust. But given a little time, it’s looks actually grow on you. And that makes for a hardcore following. With the car participating in various forms of motorsports, there’s plenty of aftermarket support for you to choose from.

Toyota MR2 Turbo

The SW20 MR2 Turbo. These little rockets might be a little older for our search for the college grads new car, but there is no doubt that this car has what it takes. Plus it’s got a cheaper price of ownership too. Of course, finding one in a decent, unabused state might take a little time. You’d also want the later 92/93 models with the changes in the suspension geometry so you won’t kill yourself. Naturally, caution must be taken when modifying and playing with these older cars. General maintenance is probably the first and most important step that needs to be done. But when you’ve finally got that great balance of engine, suspension, brakes, and exterior upgrades, you sure as hell won’t be disappointed.

Toyota Supra

This car needs no introduction whatsoever. The Toyota Supra is the epitome of Japanese car tuning here in the states. Men want her, and women want to be her. lol. What’s even nuttier is that this car is affordable up to a certain degree. If you ever come across a fourth generation Supra for under $20k, I suggest you take a nice long look at the car. If it checks out, then you better pick it up quicker than a $15 Brazilian hooker. Although I’m sure she won’t check out as clean as the car. Newer MKIV’s with less mileage and upgrades will be in a much higher price bracket, but the older 93.5-95’s have definitely been spotted under the $20k range with higher mileage of course. But who cares!! As long as the car hasn’t been driven without oil or coolant and has had regular care, the venerable 2JZ-GTE is a tank. Can you imagine hitting 420 horses just with a few modifications and a couple of grand?? You won’t find any turbo 4 bangers doing that anytime soon. Just imagine owning one of these legendary icons! You might not have the fastest or most mint Supra, but it’s definitely the start of a beautiful, and potentially expensive relationship.

And that’s it folks! Now you’ll notice that some great candidates are missing on the list. Like the DSM twins (Eclipse GSX/GS-T & Talon TSi) which are actually a little older, but also please don’t forget that we do have a set of requirements that were followed. This kept me from having to wad through a whole lot of cars that owners might find “potentially” great, but yet not fit our college guys wants and needs.

So, what would Mr.Cid pick??

It’s a tough call, and it’s an awesome problem to have. If I were ever in this situation, I would be in heaven. If I were a recent college grad and was looking for a car to have a little fun in, I would go for…the 350Z. I know, I know!! It’s a surprise to me too! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Toyota man at heart. But I’m also an all-wheel drive junkie. So my choice on the Z is a little off the beaten path. Although I do have some valid reason, and when it comes down to it:

  1. The NSX will need a lot of work, both maintenance and upgrades. (read: expensive).
  2. The S2000 will need some major mods (supercharger at the least) to make it feel like it has balls. Plus I’d need to blow more money on a hardtop.
  3. I love the RX7 but I won’t have that much patience and money left after the affair.
  4. The Evo is everywhere, unless you have something extravagant on it (read: expensive).
  5. The 240sx while a good 2nd runner up on my list, will have some issues. Reliability being first and getting the mofo stolen will be on the second of my issues list.
  6. The STi is also everywhere. Still nice tho.
  7. The MR2 was my 1st runner up. Just thought that something newer would be easier on the college kid.
  8. The Supra. I guarantee I’d be spending more than 20 grand in parts alone. As I always say, “If you’ve got a gambling problem, stay out of Vegas. If you’ve got a boost addiction, stay away from turbos”

Live long and prosper.



9 Comments Add yours

  1. fif' says:

    lotus elise……

    1. mrcid says:

      Dammit Fif!! I only saw 1 Elise for $19k, and it was an 05 with the 1.8 1zz-fe. Not bad, but the damned thing had 100k miles!

      1. racerx7 says:

        Mazdaspeed6 and $400 for a Hypertech tuner

      2. fif' says:

        i saw like three the night i posted this up. there was one for 20k exact with 86k miles. not to be uncle tony here but the car is effin nice!

    2. mrcid says:

      And Fif, I just saw two more Elises! It would definitely be awesome to own!

  2. mrcid says:


    You know, that awesome car completely skipped my mind! I’m not sure how long you’ve been following, but my massive 23 or so loyal readers know that I’m totally obsessed with the Speed6! With that, I’ll do a follow-up post officially including the MS6 on my list. Thanks!

    1. James says:

      your massive 23 or so loyal readers!!

      1. mrcid says:

        Lol, it’s massive indeed.

  3. carlover says:

    hey mate, further down on your blog there is a pic of a mazda rx7 with a body kit on it, im not sure whether you know where i could get the kit from, or whether you could just redirect me to where you got the photo from.
    Thanks mate..

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