introducing a new section, “what if..?”

RANT/ So I’m taking a dump over here and I’m thinking to myself; blogs are getting boring, really boring. Unless you’re a corporate funded site, have several writers/photographers on your team, and have prizes and what not to give away, it’s really all the same shit. For us little ones, we search the web, forums, and other joints for countless hours just to find pictures to repost. I’ve got RSS feeds to my desktop, laptop, and phone. And for what? To see what everyone has already seen. It’s all the same shit.  Sometimes we talk about our find and discuss how other peoples lives, cars, and photos are so much better than ours. Other times we just drop the son of a bitch and move on. It’s fantastic really. /RANT. lol.

So to prevent me from kicking my own nuts out of boredom, I’d like to introduce this new section called “what if.” Now, the idea of this segment is to give me an exercise in imagination. Every week I’m going to create a scenario in which I can use the “what if” concept, and put it to work. An example would be like, what if i had $30k? What car would I buy, and what would I do with it?? I really think this will be fun, and has an unlimited potential of entertainment value! So here’s to the new category!

Sneek!! Next up on “what if..?”

What if you needed a daily driver, but lived in shitty weather, need 4 doors fo yo kids, have a yearning for boost and a 5 speed, but only have a little over $5,ooo dineros, what would you buy?? One of my answers??

Of course a clean example like this one might cost a bit more, but who cares!! Oh yeah…



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Freddy says:

    I agree 100%!

    You see the same pics of the same cars in 6 out 10 car blogs for example..its getting out of hand!

    I like this new section of gonna blog it and forward it to the world…LOLJK!

    1. mrcid says:

      It is man! Normal people like me can’t keep up! Now you on the other hand, you’re a motherF’in beast when it comes to webmining. You’re the king!! That’s for real.

  2. Zach Kidd says:

    mmmm, maybe a subaru or possibly a focus

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