This video has been going around and getting some varied opinions from all different types of a-holes. I don’t mean douches & d1ckheads, but actual anuses…of people. lol. Admire the loom…

We’ve got folks from the domestic camp proclaiming that no matter how much you spend on the LFA and whatnot, it’s still a Toyota. The euro exotic folks are probably getting their man-purses cramped in a bunch and are comparing the car’s pricing and performance to a Ferrari or a Zonda. I’ve covered this before here on how expensive the LFA really is. But come on, nobody complained when Bugatti spent millions of dollars on the development of the Veyron, or the EB110 for that matter. No matter what everyone says, you cannot argue with what Lexus has done on their advancement in automotive technology. This may very well be the future of automobile production. Or at least higher-end automobile production.



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