cheap a55 s#it…

Okay, so all of us are on a budget. We try to shop and compare for the best “bang” our buck can buy (best bang, HA!!). There’s nothing wrong with it. Unless of course you’re raised by old school Indian or Jewish parents and pride yourself on being the cheapest mofos around (being frugal is different, but being cheap just because is asinine), then I feel bad for you. lol. Of course not everyone is like that, but stereotypes do stem from some truth.

Here’s me posing like a moron when one of the Taiwanese brand tires I had on the ZZT231 popped a side boob. It happened to two tires on the set after hitting small potholes. What a piece. Please, save yourself the headaches and spring a little above the bottom of the barrel, you cheap ass. Btw, this was at least 4 years ago.

Got the picture from The Bastard. lol.



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  1. Freddy says:

    Nice, all I look for are good quality parts (tough for my Celica) at the cheapest price; thats why must shit is still under construction..haha..BTW, add me on FB: Freddy Fonseca

    1. mrcid says:

      Freddy! Sorry man, I didn’t see this. But for real on the part about finding good parts at decent prices. Especially with Celicas, you’re really at the mercy of lady luck, universal parts, custom shiznit, or fake-ass chiz. Btw, I can’t find you on FB!! I’ll keep trying.

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