roll in time at tokyo auto salon…

Well, looks like the speedhunters crew is catching roll in at TAS ’11. Definitely one of the shows I’d like to get to someday.

HSV in all it’s glory.

I’m not really into the whole hybrid thing, but I guess if there’s people buying these, then what the hell??

ISF CCSR. Oh yeah. I spy the Super GT Corolla Axio.

I just had a post about some S15’s, so seeing this might be too soon. But come on, look at it!! Ok, some might consider the demon camber and toe up front to be a little extreme. Not when you’re hauling ass sideways.

I’m sure you’ll see more from Dino’s post on SH. One day Tokyo Auto Salon. One day. But for now, I’m freezing my nuts off over here, jealous as usual.



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