can’t quite put a finger…


So I was looking over some old pics, and I came across this FD RX-7. Whether it’s sporting a C-West kit , the ’99 model upgrades, or a non traditional build like this one (which btw is sporting some pretty huge tubs in the rear), there’s no denying that this generation’s beauty is timeless, it never seems to age.

It’s no surprise that everyone and their momma wants one. I wouldn’t be shocked if some white boy yanked out the wankel on this one and dropped in an LS2. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. Obsessed is obsessed no matter how you put it.



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  1. MaydayDavidD says:

    Brent’s old FD is sporting a Burnout front bumper and front fenders, and although he did throw out the 13B-REW, in it’s place resides a Nissan RB25DET. A little different yes.

    1. mrcid says:

      David, it is a gorgeous car. In my opinion, I do think the RB is a far better motor for a swap into the FD. Of course its more expensive, and probably a little heavier, but the fact that it’s already forced and has potential for tremendous power on the stock block, makes it a better platform. Also, the weight and handling changes can be corrected by upgrading suspension components. But I think that if you’re on a budget, and want reliability with some good power & torque, the LS1/2 is the way to go. Btw, I’m a huge fan of Mayday Garage. You guys are awesome!!

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