days of glory…

You know you’re a young grasshoppa if you can agree to any one of these; You love hard parking your mom’s ’97 Accord with zero offset wheels, just because its the shit. You have “demon camber” on the poor thing. You rock a yakima roof rack but don’t own a bike, and don’t know what hell “Rad” or Specialized is?? Apparently sticker bombing your front lip or rear window is this generations “racing stripes” or “invader kits” of the mid-90’s. But no matter. A car nut is a nut, is a nut, is a nut. If you can’t appreciate any of this, then you have no business driving or turning a wrench. If you’re one of the obsessed, well then hello there.

This is 8 minutes of pure engine, anti-lag, and gigantic brass balls. If men drift with rear wheel drive on circuits, then real men drift with four wheel drive on tarmac, gravel, mud, and snow.

Aaaahhhh, Group A. Those were the days. Hell I’m not even that old, and I can’t help but just smile…



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  1. James says:

    here, here…

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