if i were living in my momma’s basement…

This is what I would be doing. I would soooo detail a section of the track like a Japanese “mountain pass” and make films of the battles I would have with my nerdy friends. It will be soooo awesome. But then again, I’d still be a virgin. Aww crap. Anyway, enjoy.

Big ups to the one10drift people for some awesome, entertaining videos.



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  1. fif'` says:

    was that an evo pajero? i remember your mini “track” in your room cuy. it was a track/ramp. we launched matchbox’s from there. lol. i was like 3

    1. mrcid says:

      Bahahahaha Fif! I totally remember that ghetto setup. Hey man, you gotta work with what you’re given right??

      1. mrcid says:

        Btw, that was an Evo Pajero!!

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