well hello there stranger…

I really hope you had a good summer! I know I did. I didn’t get to go to all the events that I had wanted, but I was able to make it to quite a few. I’ve met lots of good people who are very knowledgeable, dare I even say “obsessed” as much as I was. And do pardon me, I’ve been keeping my distance from the computer as much as possible, so updates were pretty rare. Even my facebook hasn’t gotten a status update in months. Yeah, sorry.

Besides the summer activities and random events, my thought process was that if I don’t spend time in front of the computer, I would actually get out and get important stuff done. So it almost worked. Good news is that we ended up not buying a new or newer family car, which definitely saved us from the monthly note. Sure, the sex appeal of a 97 Honda Accord sedan has me rejecting all kinds of hood rats from wanting a ride, but it’s low maintenance & reliability definitely make it bearable. In the 00 Celica GTS department, the car is running flawlessly. Maximum lift is back up and the 8400rpm limiter involves the like of a screaming porn queen. The suspension is definitely on the upper echelon in terms of its class. This car needs a spray, soon.

And speaking of getting important stuff done, parts need to be installed on the Alltrac. Naturally, I have yet to decide on a category name for this project. Top runners are Alltrac Articles or Project GT-Four. Anyway, I’m gonna try and do the intro to this car sometime this weekend. It’ll include pictures and what not, so you can hold your horses on that.

Last but not the least, I’ve got quite a few event pictures that I was out to. So those will be going on too. Btw, I’m about to upgrade the blog, so a much better platform is expected. Overall, not a bad season. I just wished the Alltrac was a little more ahead in it’s phase. Oh well, there’s always next summer. But for now, fall is upon us. That means lots of awesome pics. Holler at a brown man.



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