quickie update…

Hello faithful followers, it is I, Mr.Cid. Sorry, been a little busy. Here’s some quick updates.

First, our little family car was hit in the parking lot at the mall. Now the insurance company is going to total the poor thing. Some lady in a 92 Crown Vic “accidentally” put it on “R” instead of “P” and rammed the crap out of our little Sentra’s ass. The damned car moved up TWO spaces, and was in the middle of the aisle!! Yeah, that money is going towards something cool, I just don’t know yet. Can we say MazdaSpeed6?? I finna try.

MazdaSpeed6 on Work Emotion’s. Perfect family car. Ahem, yeah. Just don’t mind the 2.3L turbo motor, top mount intercooler, and all-wheel drive.

Secondly, I’m going to introduce a new section on here about one of my Celica projects, called the All-Trac Articles, or maybe the Celica Chronicles, bah, Project GT-Four. I’ll do an actual post on the introduction to the series. It’s a late start in the season, so I’m hoping I’ll be somewhat close to completion by spring or summer of ’11.

Third, the damned ZZT231 aka 2000 Celica GTS has been rejected at the emissions, again. Last time it was the O2 sensor, now it may be the lift bolts. Now I can’t get tags until I figure out what the hell is wrong with it. Gah. Back to the grind. See y’all later.



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