super car saturdays, jun fif…

Ever heard of Cars & Coffee?? Look it up. Other states are lucky to have it, while we in Illinois have Super Car Saturdays. It’s the same concept, without the infringement issues from C&C. Basically, it’s a bunch of folks and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds coming out and showing off their rides. When I say diverse, it’s really diverse. From the expensive & exotic Italian supercars to the much, much cheaper and mass produced Subarus. I really wondered to myself if we were really in a recession. By the number of cars that showed up with price tags more than my little house, I’d say some of these people weren’t really affected, or are just living waay beyond their means. And yes, there was plenty of high-priced equipment present.

You can tell I didn’t really care much for the overpriced cars parked to the sides. Instead, I shoot this MA70 with what looks to be like a rare Gracer kit, or a replica. Either way, it looked pretty nice.

This Lancia was on it’s own. Clean I might add.

This C6 Z06 was a little loud, with the lip of the wheels color matching the already outspoken body. Personally, I would’ve left the lips black. But who cares, it looks good, and it’s fast as hell.


The Seen It! M3. Gorgeous.

Stock GTR, literally blending into the background.

I really didn’t think this was a Z06. But I can tell you that when it drove by me, I heard the whining of a blower.

The MA70 sitting all by itself.

Last pic would be of the infamous Seen It! S2000. With a little Lightroom action. I love this car. Oh yes I do.

I can’t wait to see what shows up next month. With summer in full bloom, I expect to see more cars with a little more personality, rather than those boring ass yuppies and their stock, generic, ego boosting, and penis replacement rides. Bahahaha.



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  1. MiniHandz says:

    Where was this at because i have seen this BMW once and i have been searching for it ever sense. it is my dream to drive!

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