attack of the gtr!!

Just some of the ordinary cars sitting in the lot at the Redline Time Attack Round 5 in Joliet, IL.

Pardon me since I didn’t have the Nikon, these pics don’t do these cars justice whatsoever.


TopSpeed’s Bayside Blue R34 with Do-Luck kit, big ole Brembos, and my favorite Advan RS-D’s. Oh yes.

This setup alone will cost more than some peoples car.

It will swallow children and small animals.

I’d take this over an R35, anytime, anyday. Well, except maybe for a Mine’s 35. Maybe.

And look what’s sitting next to the gorgeous 34??

Goodness. I’m pretty sure this is a Zele lip kit, rolling on some Gram Lights.

And some big-ass tips from the absolute baller Powerhouse Amuse exhaust. God this camera sucks.

Oh, and what’s that sitting next to this gorgoues red 35?? A black beauty with the same high-end exhaust and kit, but with some Volk Racing G2’s.

I just can’t figure out which lip this is. Either way, these cars are too much.

It took me about 15 minutes to get to the track since I had to dry off the wet spots in my pants after my encounter with these tres amigos. So much high-end parts, I got slapped by the jdm gods. It stung a bit, but you know what?? It was worth it.



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  1. fif' says:

    shit man! i wish i was there…. probably not, i would’ve needed a 10 ply roll. shit! thats how it is here in the philippines, every other day, i would see a gtr. i swear im moving back here. its cheap as shit, well cheaper and parts are dirt cheap! you need to get you a nikon cuy! lol

    1. mrcid says:

      Fif! All I’m saying is you better make it back here! lol. I’m pretty sure parts are cheap since it’s soooo damned close to Japan. Just be weary of those fake-ass parts, aka Rota’s!! Bahahahahaha! What?? Don’t look at me?? lol.

      1. fif' says:

        bahahaha. I haven’t decided yet! lol. Well i dont think there will be fake rota’s here since its made here! lol

  2. GiuseppeAE86 says:

    O gezz….I still prefer the R34

      1. mrcid says:

        Double amen. Although I’m sure that if either of you faulkers have the money, you’re going straight for the 35. lol

  3. fif' says:

    if i had the money i would but both! lol. nah, r34 v-specII man.

    1. fif' says:

      i mean buy… lol

      1. mrcid says:

        I’d just get a 34 and a Supra. Oh yeah.

  4. fif' says:

    just FYI, your supra 98 here just costs 250 to 300k php. and thats the twin turbo one.

    1. mrcid says:

      Fif, according to exchange rates, P300K = $6,591.96!! That’s totally impossible!! I’d buy one there, and airfreight it here to the states for $10K!!

      1. fif' says:

        thats an option man!!! we are able to afford those fuckers after all! haha

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