attaaaaack!!! part 2…

In between sessions, I’d wander the paddocks aimlessly like a lost school boy.

Announcement: “Has anyone seen a lost Filipino boy?? He’s obviously brown, and was last seen wearing a HKS tshirt, some Ray-Ban aviators, and a funny look on his face!”

I love this Evo. A clean Version Select kit with what looks to be some Advan F-7’s. No idea on the hood tho.

At the Touge Factory area, I spot this mean looking track rat. “Yes officer, this car is legal. That’s really where the rear license plate goes.” It kinda looks like that rear diffuser was yanked off a Skyline. Btw, did I tell you that I *drool* wide TE37s?! Oh yes I do.

The TurnIn Concepts STi. Looking aggressive as hell, with the turbo about to melt a hole right through the hood. Badass.

These crazy Canadians with this crazy dual-charged Civic Si. Driver/Owner William Chan and driver Jonathan Weir ran this car in the 2010 One Lap of America, and during the run at Mid-America, Weir was so damned fast that they were just three-tenths shy of a 911 GT3 RS’ time!! They also topped the podium at this events’ Street FWD class. Picture this: A D16 with a Garrett GT3076 and an Eaton M45 blower. Fuuuuuuk.

One of two BMW’s competing in the Drift Class. This E92 is gorgeous.

The Professional Awesome Evo 7 on deck, waiting for liftoff. Yep, it’s a VII.
Just have a look at the insane rear aero from the Touge Factory/Stance Evolution!!
One more look at the Super Sessions winner, with Nads on the interview mic.
Despite the rain slowing down the lap times, it definitely made it much more exciting to watch these cars struggle for control around the track. Overall, it was a good round. I just wished we’d have more of these events out here in the Chi. Last part of the pics coming tomorrow!!

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