attaaaaack!!! redline time attack round 5…

So this past weekend, I went to Redline Time Attack’s Round 5 held at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL. Let me tell ya, it was pretty intense. With the damned rain coming down hard at certain times of both days, the South Circuit was full of high speed spin-outs and crashes. Some records were broken, but with the slick track, most of the guys were just having fun and being careful not to smack the wall. Some cars were damaged, but fortunately, no one was hurt. This is just a quick recap of what I saw. You can read the results on their site.

There were Four types of classes and categories. The Enthusiast, Street Tire, Modified, & Super Modified classes, with FWD, RWD, AWD, and Drift categories all contained within each respective classes. Now I’m pretty sure we can blame this recession for the lack of attendance from most of the big name teams, but whoever showed up definitely “run what they brung.” Now you’ve got to excuse the pics, as the wife had the Nikon. These were from my P&S Sony at 10mp. I know, lame…

This is Trent Choi in the Touge Factory/Stance Evolution. In his only lap, he set the fastest time of the day with a 1:27.791. That’s just a second behind the overall fastest lap set by a time attack car at Autobahn. I think that was Tarzan in an STi. Fantastic.

The Cobb Tuning R35. With Brian Lock at the helm, this fast, low, and loud beast posted the second fastest lap with a 1:28.211.

Coming in less than a second behind the GTR was Ryan Gates in the Tire Evo X. He placed 3rd overall with a 1:28.939. I heard he was having some issues with the car, and that he was only running about 600hp in comparison to the 750hp that the motor is capable of.

Ben Salasko at the top of Super Modified RWD in his S2000 with a 1:33.757.

My favorite car of the round. The Fortune Auto Evolution driven by Whit Staples. Looks badass, but not because Nads is in the pic. It wasn’t the fastest during the weekend, however during the Super Sessions, it won the top podium overall and for the Modified class.

I’ve got to go try and burn some fat. So more on round 5 later today.



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