so i’m looking back…


…at an old speedhunters article about a bunch of front wheel drive & all wheel drive Toyota’s on the track, and it made me yell out profanities at the “new” Toyota and their boring ass lineup!!

I’m not really sure, but are those bronze Regamasters on her??

All hail Toyota of the 80’s & 90’s!!

Speedhunters article here.



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  1. Freddy says:

    ^^Tell me about it, Toyotas gotta step up their game like Nissan did back in the day when the Z33 came out, lately they been killing it and selling alot more..

    I hope they make a Celica/Supra or RWD Starlet resurrection…haha!

    1. mrcid says:

      Lol, it’s funny man. This shows how old I really am. Your back in the day was the z33, to me that was “only” like 6 years ago. I remember I took my friends “new” Z, and did 142 on the highway, with headwind. I guess time slows down as you get older. But for real tho on Toyota, they need to set their shit straight on that FT86 and quit dicking around with the pricing. Or at least bring back an AWD Celica or something.

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