if batman were english…

…and no more than 6’2 with his boots and pointy ears, he’d be driving this.

Yes I know, another post about a ridiculous car with ridiculous pricing, that we lower middle class people could never afford. Who cares, this ain’t an I-talian exotic. It’s British chassis engineering (somewhat) with good ole American technology (tons of displacement, a supercharger, and twin turbos). Yeah.

The crazy folks at Hennessey took a stock Lotus Elise/Exige, tore it apart, stretched it out, popped a different heart in it, and pieced it back together again. They call this the Venom GT. Powered by the already potent blown 6.2L LS9 from the venerable Corvette ZR1, Hennessey has gone in and tuned the stock motor to pump out 725hp, and has plans to offer a twin turbo kit that will be pumping out 1,000hp and 1,200hp insanely.

A Ricardo 6speed box has been assigned for flight duty, some massive 15-inch carbon ceramic rotors to slow this stealth fighter down, and an active aerodynamics system with an adjustable rear wing to keep her steady at triple digit speeds. Talk about being “murdered out.” Another example of what some creativity and lots of disposable income can do. Awesome indeed.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. fif' says:

    that’s orgasmic cuy!!! lol

    1. mrcid says:

      I know Fif. I had to change my pants when I saw it. I’m not sure what Uncle Tony would think about this tho. Blasphemy?? lol.

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