i know, i know…

…that I mentioned that I was going to minimize exotic cars on here, but as I got on youtube to search for Michael Mcdonald songs, this popped in my “videos I would like” que along with booty dancing chicks. Alas, I didn’t click on the latter. It seems like they broke a record on something, I don’t know. The clip is kinda boring, but the car sounds fantastic. Again, more stuff we can’t afford.


I think this is a much shorter, cooler version. So I guess they broke the 7 minute mark for a “production-derived sports car.” Whatever that means.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. GiuseppeAE86 says:

    Yea can’t you put topics that we can afford? I know i can’t afford that car. hehehe

    1. mrcid says:

      Like I said, I know, I know. Let’s stick to stuff we can eventually afford.

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