hella look back at hella flush…

So I was going through my hard drive, and found these old ass pics from 08. I still believe that the Subie guys definitely had a hand in the “Flush” movement, although most of the “wrong-doing” is credited to the drift squad. I’m all for good fitment and what not, but I’m still a grip guy at heart, and form will always follow function. Here’s a few of em…

A little over exposure on the pic, but that doesn’t take away how awesome those CE28’s look! Lookin’ all sexy with yer cage and fixed bucket. Rawr.

Can’t really tell from some of the pics if these are Advans or FAAdvans (FakeAssAdvans), but it looks good.

The white GD below looks especially aggressive.

I would sooo love to have one of these to lug the family around. Swap in a VF39, 43 or whichever fits, the fenders, front bumper, lip, hood, and the Brembos, and you’ve got yourself a cool, non-lesbian (Forester pun intended) people hauler. There’s nothing wrong with it. Birkenstocks are known to be comfortable, tho I’ve never owned a pair. Wheels look to be the infamous Rota Grids.

I gotta tell ya, the Hawkeyes have definitely grown on me.

There’s nothing wrong with faux wheels. Especially for most builders on a budget, and can’t spring for 600 bucks on each wheel. It’s your car, you have the right to do whatever you’d like. So ignore all the extremist and elitists. Just please, please get a proper setup once you decide to hit the track. Support the manufacturers that spend the R&D on the wheels that are to be abused on the track, not spend ludicrous amounts of hard earned cash for a caged beauty queen that’ll just park hard.



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    1. mrcid says:

      I’ve got a nice pic of an AE86 coupe for ya man.

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