the urge to just smack…

Maybe it’s because R34 GTR’s are still pretty rare here in the States, or maybe I’m just crazy about people using my car’s exterior pieces as dining accessories. Anyway, to whoever these belong to, leash ’em and train ’em. At least ole boy with the pink tie knows better. For the love of god use coasters! Lol.

No, I’m not kidding.



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  1. fif' says:

    the pink tie dude just didn’t have enough space cause dam fat ass biotches took the whole wing as a table. That might be the most expensive table i’ve seen people dine on. bahaha

    1. mrcid says:

      Bahahahaha Fif!! I had a feeling you’d have something to say about this.

      1. fif' says:

        man, no one makes my r34 their dinner table! would have been fine if they were smokin’ lol

  2. mrcid says:

    Lol, that’s the only exception right Fif?? Btw, I too, own a pink tie. And I would’ve taken it off and used it to wipe the damned wing off after these baboys finished their 4th plate. Bahahahaha.

    1. fif' says:

      Hell yeah man! they can do whatever if they are qualified to do so. lol i would take off my cloths to clean my r34, if i had one. shit…

      1. mrcid says:

        Siiigh, we can only dream. Btw, check this out. I’m not the fan of the setup on this feature, but it’s already been changed, and it looks badass.

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