just one of those times…

Hello All,

Yes, I know. It’s been over 6 weeks since my last post, and I do apologize. I guess I started slipping when things in my life kind of hit the fan. Sometimes, situations occur that just drag you to the bottom of the barrel, and its difficult to get out. What the hell do extraordinary people do? I know the weak will either fall into the bottle, become physically relentless, or outright mentally dangerous.  Seriously, what do the successful do?? I believe I’m a fairly strong willed person, but sometimes shit just makes you want to drive a nail through the top of your skull. There is just so much stress, confusion, and disappointment that happens. Again, what the hell do the strong do to stay positive???

To get ahead is something that almost every normal human being works towards, all their life. Whether it be personal goals, education, finances, or relationships, we are always trying to move forward. We work hard so that one day we may reap the fruits of our labor.  But what does it take to have the motivation, dedication, and discipline to accomplish such feats. Some people are born with natural intelligence. Others are born with an abundant supply of funds, which is definitely an advantage even with the lack  of education. But what about us normal folks? Do we have to rely on motivational quotes, books, and speakers to dig deep into ourselves? Or do we give in to the dark side, and wander into the life of the underworld and crime?  We need to pull ourselves together, and start prioritizing what is most important in our lives. From there, we take action, going one step at a time until we are steadily on the right path. With a little faith, we hope that each decision we make is well rationalized, and focuses on making us better people.

So what if we get knocked down a few times? As is nothing out of the norm, the higher you go, the further you fall. Dust yourself off, and do it again!! Only when we try would we ever discover the possibilities of our limitless potential. I believe that success isn’t the number of times we’ve been to the top, but the number of times we’ve gotten up from the bottom. Welcome back.



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