it’s like art, without all the hippy crap…

Like an artist wielding his trusty brush against a blank canvas, a builder raises his faithful wrench, against a clean slate. Both are ready to devote their vision, hard work, and soul into their passion.  Although a painter possesses a brush, it doesn’t make him an artist. As a mechanic isn’t a builder, just because he holds a wrench.

The creator should always follow his heart, and build based on his dream. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that rely on current trends and public opinion that usually influence the direction of a project. This will often generate a mediocre end result, and will still be criticized by the enduring “public.” It is common sense that the general population’s opinion will never be unanimous. This in turn will affect the builder’s confidence and self esteem, probably drive him away, and never lay hands on another automobile ever again. Of course this only happens to the faint of heart, and probably young adults who are in it because of trend spotting or pop culture. Their departure benefits the industry in the long run.

For the rest of us who have motor oil in our veins, the compassion runs deeper than franchised films or obnoxious (car show /dance showoff/model showoff/Coolio concert/drifting showoff) all-in-one events. It is about starting with an empty canvas. You devote and immerse your heart & soul into the vision, pouring blood, sweat, and tears into the oil. With each pass of the brush, slowly uniting each component of the dream, until each stroke inevitably finishes the masterpiece and produces art.

Build how you see it, not how others think they want to.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lin says:

    WOW! Very inspirational!! LOVE IT!!

  2. R32Taka says:

    Nice post. You are on the truth… Don’t build to get a feature in a magazine, just do it like you want to get it.

    1. mrcid says:

      Thanks Jose. Good to see you on here. I’m a huge fan of R32Taka!

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