that’s it, I’m wearing diapers…

I’m still following the guys at speedhunters for Skyline Week, and here it is!! My favorite Skyline, the R33!! Disliked by most because of its slightly higher curb weight than the R32, and for its bulbous look, I love the 9th generation Skyline. There are so many nice ones that I only posted up a few that I thought needed to be seen. Although I had to reduce the content a little or else this would’ve been the longest post I’d ever done.

First up is David Chuckman from Texas. This 33 looks fantastic in black and gold. I hate you David.

Another stealth bomber by Yoong Cherng Ee from Malaysia, sporting some nice exterior equipment. I love how the Yokohama AVS T5 wheels look in bronze. Also looks to be packing a HKS race intercooler and some huuuge canards.

In the famous Midnight Purple, Emil Ahmad from the UK with a nice little lip kit and rolling on a fabulous set of RGII’s. Drool.

Here’s David Fryklind’s sweet looking 33. Aside from the Midnight Purple, this is another color that I think the car looks good with. I spy a ST205 GT-Four in the background!!

And now, here’s Global Auto’s sweet selection of 33’s for sale. I just wished the States could get these beauties. But noooo. You’ve got to wait 25 years they say. Oh, did I mention I hate the Canadians right now? Bastards.

Quiver me timbers. In my opinion, the best looking R33 there is. And it’s for sale!! I love the Andrew Racing wheels. Very era appropriate.

There it is, in all it’s glory…Tomei’s Genesis crate engine. It’s now on sale for around $26,xxx down from the previous $31,xxx. Imagine paying almost half the cost of an imported R34. Just imagine the happy endings you can get for that much?? This motor better suck, and not blow. Yes, I’m hilarious.

I love TE37’s with the deep concave!! This one just has a mean stance. I could stare at this all day long. Kinda like the creepy old guy at the gym ogling the young chicks getting their workout on. Oh yeah baby, lemme see you squat on that ass.

Per Jeroen Willemsen @ speedhunters, this is an R34 motor that’s been fully built and balanced by Reimax with forged pistons, crank, and other associated modifications.

I love SSR Professors!! They’re definitely one of my favorite wheels, and they look great on this white 33. With a JUN front bumper, and Nismo sideskirts, you can’t deny that this looks nice.

Mods known are a pair of turbos from a R34 N1 motor, HKS cams, Greddy IC pipes. I also spot the popular oil filter relocation.

Aaaah, another Midnight Purple with bronze AVS T5’s. But don’t let the tame exterior fool you…

This suckah’s got a large HKS T04Z turbo along with a slew of other HKS parts, including the cam gears and fuel rail.

And last, I’ve got a pic from my little collection.

I yelled out, “OH SHIT!” when I first saw this. Not just because of that HUUUGE intercooler, but because he’s parked so close to the curb. Those Nismo wheels are pretty rare.

And the fact that this car is in NYC. I love the drag style rear wing. I think these photos are from carspotterphotography.

Check out speedhunters for more great posts!!

I’ve got more R33 pics, but I think I’ll save them for later. I’m hungry.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. mafioso34 says:

    What’s up with the r33’s? r34’s cuy common! lol

    1. mafioso34 says:

      They are all hot though! I think I need more than diapers! bahaha

      1. mrcid says:

        Fif!! I was a little busy over the weekend. I’ve got tons of 34 and 35 stuff that needs to go on here!

  2. Matt says:

    That red R33 with TE37s is BOMB!

    1. mrcid says:

      I know man! I love how it looks. Since I’ve been gone, I’m not sure if I should still go ahead and finish off the R34’s and 35’s. Or just do something completely different.

  3. Derek says:

    Do you have the specs of the red r33? What exhaust it is and what the rim and tire specs are? Thanks!

    1. mrcid says:

      Hey Derek, apologies man. I was out for a little bit. But damn it has been a while since I posted this, and for the life of me can’t remember the exhaust on the R33. I’m certain it’s a Ti unit, I just don’t remember if it was a Greddy or something else. I’m positive the TE’s on her were 18×10 or 10.5 with a +12 offset. Of course that’s just by memory so I could be retarded. Damned alcohol and brain cells don’t blend too well. lol. Btw, it’s one of my favorite R33 pics to date.

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