I wet myself yet again, it’s getting annoying…

In keeping up with Speedhunters’ “Skyline Week,” I knew these guys would eventually toss in some nice examples. Since it was 3/2 yesterday, it was all about the R32’s. This made me smile like a schoolgirl on her first date. Teehee!!

Gorgeous above belongs to Jon Ceballos in Vancouver. I hate you Jon.

The following are pics from Global Auto’s extensive inventory from Yahoo! Japan’s Auction site. I’d add details, but am just in awe that these beauties are for sale and will eventually leave the “Land of the Rising Sun,” and eventually go to some Canadian bastard. Bastards.


This RB26 has been stroked to 2.8L and uses a huge single T-88. Help us all.

A rare V-Spec II, left almost stock. I love how the BBS’ finish looks on this car.

Pretty much untouched except for the Nismo Intake Plenum.

Volk CE28’s, carbon fiber hood, and aftermarket front bumper cover to accomodate that HUGE intercooler.

HKS cam gears seen through the clear cover, and you can’t miss that huge Greddy T88. Good lord I’d shit myself in this car.

Apparently, this 32 was built by Smoky and the crew from Top Secret. Volk GT-C in 18’s are wrapped in track gripping RE-01’s. drool.

Lastly the motor on this bad boy was swapped out for one from a R34 NUR Spec. Fantastic.

The the whole article here if you’d like.

I tell ya, it really must be nice to be able to have the option of purchasing any of these pristine queens. I just pray to the automotive god that these end up in good homes. Please everyone, help save a puppy and buy a Skyline



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