coverage: hellaflush 3.5…

A few of the blogs that I visit daily had awesome coverage of Hellaflush 3.5 at Buttonwillow. I was contemplating whether or not to post up some HF material, but after looking at a bunch of photos, I was convinced. This set is just a few that Linhbergh Nguyen from Speedhunters posted yesterday. His shots make you feel like you were actually at the sidelines of the track. I must say that even if the weather didn’t look that great, it’s still better than being over here in Chicago under all this snow.

The RPS13 above is with the team Dori Saru. I’m a fan of his exhaust silencer. I’m also curious about that JZA70 in the background.

This AE86 coupe is with the Miley Does Dallas team.

So does this NA hardtop.

Which by the way sports a SR20det swap. Even with the stock turbo, this little go kart must move!

I do like this slammed JZZ sliding around like that.

Siiiiigh. When does spring get here again?? More coverage of hellaflush 3.5 from Speedhunters ovah here.



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