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If you’re reading this, you know you’re obsessed. Hell, I’m obsessed, we’re all obsessed. The good thing about us (the slightly more intelligent ones) is that we can appreciate almost all aspects of motorsports. Of course if you’re in your late twenty’s or early thirties, it’s pretty safe to say that you probably got your start in this hobby because of drag racing. Yes, the Friday night drags down at that old industrial park. Where people bring out the big guns, and the big mouths. I do miss those days. It was nice to be able to just hangout and talk cars with your buddies. But at the same time, that shit was also dangerous. Not just because of the speeds some cars hit, or the gangbangers that were trying to hustle, but because of the cops that would sometimes show up. Granted Illinois didn’t have the same laws as California, but getting arrested was still the same. Your momma would be so pissed if she had to come bail your ass out. So enter sitting-at-home Saturday nights playing PS1. If you were a car fanatic, there was only one title you needed to know. Gran Turismo. But do you remember this????

Yes, that is the HKS Drag Skyline R33.

Retired in January of 2007, this legendary car was in GT2 as a prize car. Of course, the damned game didn’t have a strip, so you’re stuck trying to drive this thing around the High Speed Ring. Lame.

In October 2001, this R33 busted a 7.671 second run at Sendai Circuit which gave it the title as the Worlds Fastest AWD Drag car. This record was virtually untouchable for almost 5 years! That’s a huge testament to HKS for their quality and build. It’s sad to think that this legend has been put to hibernate. But who knows for how long??

Here’s the link to HKS’ press release.



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  1. kyushakai says:

    lol, i remember thinking the graphics of the game were so epic!

    1. mrcid says:

      Lol, for real man. I remember thinking to myself, “Damn, this is some crazy advanced graphics. Better than my old 16-bit Sega Genesis.” Btw Lance, your Z is teh sex!

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