stroked out celica…

As a group, owners of the 7th gen Celica (ZZT230 & 231) are pretty much overshadowed by almost every modern car make out there. On average, it’s uncommon to see a well modified Celica compared to it’s rival, the Acura RSX. Not that the RSX is common, but that’s just for perspective. The fact that there aren’t many tuners for the car also speaks of its almost obscure existence. Enter Trial Japan.

Trial offered one of the only two (I think) options of bumping up the displacement from the decent 1796cc, to a more potent 1933cc. This gave the Celica a better chance in motorsports of keeping up with most cars in it’s class (which were blessed from the factory with 2 liters or more). On Japanese 105 octane, the 3ZZ stroker kit has been said to produce 220-240hp naturally aspirated. Of course, Trial also allowed the option of ordering low compression pistons for turbo or supercharger use. Oh, did I mention that they also sold their own aero kit?? Yeah, in my opinion, the best looking two door FWD coupe of its time. Then again I’m biased, I’ve got two of them in the driveway.

(Btw, one of them isn’t fwd) : )



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  1. mafioso says:


    1. mrcid says:

      Fif!! Where the hell you been man?? Let me guess, just having fun?? lol

      1. mafioso says:

        I’ve been here reading cuy!!! Kuri man kun kita nlat macomment kada post! haha. Your doing great dude! I love it!

  2. mrcid says:

    Lol Fif!! Replying in waray-waray definitely makes us look soooo cool!! Lol. It’s ok man, keep reading and let me know what you think of each post! For real.

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