cyber evo, how you still make me tingle…

So I was going over some older pics that I had in my thumb drive, and came across this beast. I know, I posted an Evolution yesterday, but I just couldn’t resist.

The photo above was after they switched over to the AME Tracer TM-02 in 18×10.5 +10 wheels from the CE28n’s. I think the livery on the sides of the car also had a slight change.

This car just has that menacing stance. Kinda makes you think it’s a hard parking/hellaflush build with those crazy offset AME’s and decently stretched tires. Thankfully it IS very fast, as it looks hellafast.

I can only imagine how much downforce those canards and lip produces. This thing probably sticks to the road as it hauls ass. It’s got attachment issues like a baby koala and her momma.

Up close and personal. A shot with the older CE28n’s. Imagine when Tarzan stomps on those Brembo’s, that front “lip” must always get a “mouthful of dirt.” I’m fucking hilarious. I need a life.

Wow, talk about a flat bottom, made out of carbon fiber. Those venturis look like they belong on the wings of a 747.

I’d cite the original photographer, but I don’t recall who it was. It could be multiple sources tho. Just drop me a line if you need me to.

Some of the modifications to the beast:

Apex’i RX6TCW76P25
Jun 2.2l kit
Jun 272 cams
Jun lash killer kit
HKS cam gears
Bosch fuel pump
1000cc injectors
Apex’i FPR
HKS twin power ignition
ORC twin plate clutch
Cusco LSD: Fr- Type RS, Rr- Cyber EVO tuned Cusco
PWR radiator
Tein RS coilovers
Apex’i FMIC & wastegat
Full C-West widebody kit
Voltex canards, Original Runduce, Varis, Ganador, and other aero parts
and many, many more!!

This car definitely made a huge impact on the growth of the Time Attack scene here in the US. Without cars like this coming in and schooling us, we’d still be in the “Street” class era of the sport. Thank you.



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