stunnin’s a status…

Stumbled on stunnr status’ low and clean Evo. Makes you wanna just lay back and stare at it…

No details on the mods, but check out their spot here.



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  1. LJ says:

    DAAAAAAYMMMMMMM! Although I would like to see it in flat black.that’s HELLA FLUSH!! what kind of rims are on her? What car is that next to it? Wingless.. hmm.. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog! Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Anthony Blanco says:

    Now there’s a car…

  3. mrcid says:

    Flat black/satin black would look sweet with some bronze or gunmetal wheels. Those look like Rota Grids. I really don’t think TE37’s look that good in 18×9.5’s. For some reason, I like the wingless look on this one. Maybe a little lip on the trunk would make it look better tho. That’s a Nissan Sylvia S15 beside the Evo. Looks like it’s on Work Meister SP1’s, verrry sexay.

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