talk about looking good…

Apparently these guys are all over the place. Saw the feature on both speedhunters & hellaflush. You can’t blame ’em, just look at this!!

I do have an unconditional love for STi’s, or rally-bred cars for that matter. But at this height, it’s sacrilegious. I still love the way they look slammed like this. It hints of Japanese built Time Attack cars. Although I’m sure those aren’t this low…or are they?

Although this red one isn’t an STi, but was born as a regular WRX. Owned by Alex Wiborg. It’s actually pretty rare to see red STi’s. , Nonetheless, he still did a nice job making it look good. And apparently, this car is hitting 300hp to the wheels! It’s got decent power to back the looks. The newer Impreza is owned by his friend, Logan.

Shoes on this beauty are 18×9.5 +35 RPF1’s in Enkei’s SBC finish. Not sure what tires he’s running tho.

The obligatory money shot. Looks great, even with the lonely S13 at the back. Beautiful.



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  1. chris says:

    yo wat size are those rpf1

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