our favorite pastime is nascar. this is theirs. bastards…

Super GT preseason runs in Suzuka.

But to be fair, we do get ALMS and other “non-oval” racing series that sometimes catch my attention. But when that new Honda HSV-010 GT does a pass, I just can’t help but have a smile on my face. That 3.4 V8 sounds like it belongs in an open wheel car. I’m not too familiar with the ALMS regulations, but I wonder how these two series would stack up to each other. I’m fairly positive the Super GT cars have much, much more dinero in them, but the ALMS cars are built with an emphasis on endurance. Which probably means money too. Who knows, it’ll be fun to watch.


Here’s an upclose on the HSV…goodness.


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  1. mafioso says:

    Is that going to be a market car?! We already have our 3 shop cars cuy! bwahahaha

  2. mrcid says:

    Fif, to be able to run in Super GT, a manufacturer has to adhere to homologation rules, meaning that they must race using vehicles that are in production. But since SGT revised their rules and only allow FR cars (front engine, rear wheel drive), Honda had to pull the NSX out of the series. But since Honda had a to scrap the upcoming replacement for the NSX, they were able to get special permission from SGT to have them allow the use of the new HSV, even if it wasn’t for sale to the public.

  3. mafioso says:

    ohhh.. ic.. So is there a chance that this will be produced for the public?

    1. mrcid says:

      So far, no word if Honda will ever produce this to sell to the public. I just wonder how much it would be? I’m sure it won’t be anywhere close to the LFA tho. Lol, imagine a shop with the LFA, HSV, and some other Japanese exotic. I would never leave!

      1. mafioso says:

        I would make love to them all night..??? bahahaha I’m Auto Obssesed! lol

      2. mrcid says:

        I would take “auto-viagra to do it all, night, looong!! lol. Yes, I’m also, Auto Obsessed!

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